Essense of HandVoice2

1. General

HandVoice2 is a software on PC which converts sign language to voice on line. HandVoice2 supports someone who can not speak do an ordinary social life.

2. Input Senser Devices

FASTRAK and Super Glove. FASTRAK gets poses of both arms and hands. Polhemus Inc. develops and sells. Super Glove gets joint angle of fingers. Nissho electronics Inc. develops and sells. You do not use key board and mouse during conversation.

3. Output

Voice from speaker , a word and human motion on screen for your sign language. You can print contents of your speaking. It is important to confirm it after your conversation. Human motion is displayed with a simple skeleton drawing.

4. Human Model

A human model has 64 joints. 14 joints of both arms. 20 joints of both hands. HandVoice can analyze both arms and Both hands. This model is flexible. You can change dimension of model. This means all people who are tall or short can use HandVoice2.

5. Dictionary

You can use several kind of dictionaries, for example bank, hospital, department store. Especially your company or your school. You can change these dictionaries on line. A sign language has one meaning with one motion, or another sign language has one meaning with two motion. You can use any sign languages.

6.Modify a sign language in a dictionary

A Sign language is stored as an ascii file in directory. So you can change it very easily. There is the menu in HandVoice2 with which you can change it.

7. Operation System of PC

HandVoice2 is developed with Visual C++ of Micro Soft Inc. So it runs on Windows 95/98.

8. Finally

HandVoice Supports you can speak a few sentences in town. For example, Hospital, Bank, Department store. HandVoice2 supports you can make a conversation for your job in your company. It means you can speak more words with HandVoice2 than HandVoice.

9. Specification of system

  1. Operation System windows 95/98
  2. Application Soft HandVoice2 with dictionaries
  3. FASTRAK ( 1 transmitter, 4 receiver ) of Polhemus Inc.
  4. Super Glove ( max both hands, recommend one hand ) of Nissho Electronics Inc.
  5. rs232c I/F boards (max 3,recommend 2)

10. Price

  1. HandVoice2 software only   ¥100,000yen   (without dictionary)
  2. FASTRAK Please ask Polhemus Inc. (
  3. Super Glove \480,000yen ( one hand, Nissho Electronics Inc. price)
  4. Personal Computer, RS232C I/F board depend on each maker.
    * without tax about these prices.

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